Fact Friday!

Everyone loves a good fact, don’t they? Well, I do, anyway. A couple of months ago, on a Friday night, my mate told me a fact that I found totally fascinating (I didn’t believe him at first, but good old Google verified it. Yes, he was smug as fuck) and because it was a Friday we decided that Friday’s would now become Fact Friday’s, so I thought I’d write a post every Friday with some cool facts that I find online. Now, I haven’t verified any of these, so don’t come crying to me if they turn out to be bullshit.

First, I’ll give you the fact that my friend told me……..

* When someone yawns in your vicinity, it can often make you yawn too, as though the yawn is somehow ‘catching’. (You all know what I mean, right?). Psychopaths are immune to ‘catching’ yawns.

Now, come on, that’s a pretty sweet fact by anybody’s standards. You know you’re going to be on alert now anytime someone yawns, to see who the psychos are. Here are a few others that I think are pretty cool……

* The name for the shape of a Pringle is a ‘Hyperbolic Paraboloid’.
* Albert Einstein’s last words were spoken in German to a nurse who couldn’t speak the language and are lost forever.
* No one who was born blind has ever developed schizophrenia.
* The higher your IQ, the more forgetful you will be.

Hang on a minute, what was I doing again? Oh yeah, I remember now. Haha.

* More than 50% of koalas have got Chlamydia.
* The woolly mammoth was still alive when the pyramids were being built.
* Internet scams are among the top 5 industries in Nigeria.

Some pretty neat ones in there, I reckon. I’ll give you another dose (like a Chlamydia ridden koala) next Friday.

Kim xx

7 thoughts on “Fact Friday!

  1. Apparently (not checked myself, only told), people with Autism are immune from the Yawning virus. We yawn when someone else does because a side of our brain determines someone is yawning due to a lack of oxygen so it also initiates a yawn too, as a survival instinct to grab any remaining oxygen left available in the air. But Autistic people do not have the same brain activity in this part of the brain to other people, and so the brain doesnt recognise the yawning implication and therefore doesn’t initiate the survival instinct.

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