Rhyme, But No Reason

I’ve always loved poetry, but I’ve never been any good at writing it. When I’m writing, I tend to write in the same way that I talk, which is sound if I’m writing a blog post about Christmas Shopping or defending my right to tell Holocaust jokes, but poetry is a completely different breed of cat. Poetry is structured, condensed and it’s got a rhythm and a flow to the words, making it enjoyable to read. Well, I mean, it doesn’t have to have any of those things, I suppose. It isn’t called ‘poetic license’ for fuck all. Those ‘criteria’, if you like, are things that I like in poetry, so that’s what I wanted to create when writing my own. I’ve gone back to trying to write poems several times over the years and never come away from it with any great satisfaction. I’ve never been overjoyed with any that I’ve written. To be honest, I’m not massively chuffed with these, but they are what they are. All I can do is keep at it. Maybe I’ll be one of those ‘not recognised in their own lifetime’ poets. Haha. I’ve used some one word prompts that I found on the internet as my inspiration, so I’ve decided to use those words as the titles. Hope they’re alright.


‘Almost’ is the saddest word
A mouth can ever speak
To be so near, but still so far
From the passion which you seek


To have those arms so briefly
Hold you closer to his chest
Then to lose them so completely
Leaves an aching emptiness


For every time he smiled at you
For every secret you both shared
For every tear that fell for him
You couldn’t have prepared


You knew that nothing could be
You knew it from the start
But in your short time together
He caught and stole your heart


Your expectations drowned you
Left you struggling to breathe
Now your time with him is over
And you’re left alone to grieve


You have to mourn a life still living
Leave behind what never was
Don’t ask him why he left you
He’ll only ever say ‘because’


You’ll never understand it
You shouldn’t even try
Just put your ‘almost’ in the past
And learn to say goodbye


Who can say they’re truly happy?
Who has lived a life content?
Who savours every passing day
Never wondering where it went?


Do we all have something missing
That’s just waiting to be found?
Something which we can cling to
To save us if we drowned


The illusion of this missing piece
This shelter from the storm
Is it keeping us from living life
Always waiting for it to form?


If we stopped to look around us
Cast our heads from side to side
Would what we have depress us
Or make us swell with pride?


We have so much love around us
Here, today, right now
You heart will only feel empty
If that’s what you allow


Take notice of the little things
Smile because they’re there
True happiness will find you
When nothing can compare


When I saw you walking with her
The girl who took my place
I hoped and prayed my pity
Wouldn’t show up on my face


You didn’t even notice me
Far too busy telling her
All the things you’d said to me
When this is how we were


You knew exactly what to say
As though reading from a script
Before I even knew it happened
My heart had already skipped


I wonder when she’ll realise
Your words are all untrue
What you say means nothing
Because all you love is you


She will find out one day
And despite the urge to gloat
Her pain won’t make me happy
We’ll be sailing the same boat


You’re not who you pretend to be
She’ll see that I’m sure
You hurt everyone who loves you
You’re a disease without a cure



Kim xx

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