Walk Away From Me

If I could return to the day I met you
With the knowledge I now possess
I would have never let you near me
There would be nothing to confess


To tell you what you mean to me
And how I wish that you were mine
To let you know that being with you
Feels like I’m floating on cloud nine


But those clouds come rolling in
Each time you have to leave
I know you don’t want to hear it
You’ll say, ‘what does this achieve?’


The answer will always be ‘nothing’
It won’t achieve a god damn thing
I just wish that you would tell me
That I mean more than a fling


But there’s no way you will tell me
The words I long to hear
Our feelings don’t live side by side
On that, I’m crystal clear


I wish that I could walk away
Stop giving in to how I feel
But you know that I can’t do that
So, I’m making this appeal


If you care for me at all, my love
You must walk away from me
Stop returning to feed your ego
With the fruit that’s on my tree
I’m powerless to stop you coming
A fact of which you are aware
But this has gone on long enough
Our fucked up love affair


As you walk away, I’ll watch you
Silently hoping for your return
I know that you will want to
For I’m an easy place to turn


I know you must care about me
Even if only a small amount
So, I’m begging you, keep walking
Please, let what I need count

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