Writing Through It

It’s hard to keep perspective
When the walls are caving in
A million miles an hour thoughts
Send my head into a spin


‘This one is worse than last time’
I say, as I gasp for breath
‘This time it’s really happening’
As I head towards my death


The panic rises swiftly
A force I’m powerless to fight
Its weight is heavy on my chest
My hands shake as I write


Pen marks that make little sense
Are scattered across the page
But they begin to take some shape
As my heart retreats into its cage


Without me even noticing
My breathing returns to steady
I thought that was it this time
And I really wasn’t ready


Every time the panic attacks
It feels worse than the one before
But I always seem to battle through
The war to end all wars


Writing is like a paper bag
Breathing air into my lungs
So, that is how I climb my way
Up the panic ladders rungs


I write my way up to the top
Where the air is so much better
I fight each wave of rising panic
By writing letter after letter

11 thoughts on “Writing Through It

      1. I do, but I go off track so easily. Even now I am literally thinking “write something profound” and ten seconds later this is what I have got…..

        There was a silly Elephant,
        His name was Tommy Ball,
        And even though he had to rent,
        He still hoped to own a Hall.

        Its hardly wetting the eyes with emotion now is it?!??

        Liked by 1 person

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